Do you need password management within your business?

One reason that cyberattacks are increasing is the use of weak passwords. Employers must be aware of this and ensure that employees are using a password management service.

How vulnerable is your business from data security risks?
Creating a new password is an essential part of being safe online. If you choose your passwords poorly, it’s easy for hackers to intrude on your privacy or steal information.

Often, employees use the same passwords for both personal and work accounts, making them vulnerable to data breaches. The dilemma is that it can be difficult to remember so many unique passwords using existing methods.

To help get around this problem, one solution would be a password manager like LastPass. Password managers are tools that store passwords, credit card numbers, and other information in an encrypted file. For added security, they can also generate random passwords for websites you visit or create strong passphrases to use as a new password.

Recent data breaches at big-name companies like Equifax have made it painfully clear that most people aren’t safe online. By using a strong password manager like LastPass, you’ll be more secure against data breaches.

Home working putting your data at risk
Many businesses in the modern workforce have done away with the traditional office by permitting their employees to work from home, and this new working environment has drastic implications for computer security. Since they are not vigilant about their safety when they are at home, many of these employees will forget to be mindful of online activity and password security while they are on-the-job. In turn, companies can become a victim of a password breach once any employee’s credentials get compromised.

Some companies think they don’t need a password manager because they believe that the small number of people who will use it are unlikely to forget them.

Experts estimate that people maintain access to roughly 70-100 accounts each with their own password. With employees now using online tools in their job, they also are subject to the same risks as others who can access this information on these sites.

Employees’ passwords are at risk of being decrypted because most employees don’t change their password upon request (80% of those who do use old passwords). Considering that almost 50% of employees refuse to change password when they’re requested, the threat is much closer than anticipated.

Furthermore, if an employee’s business password is the same as their personal password, then organised cybercriminals can use social networks like LinkedIn and Facebook to determine your location.

IT Companies can help keep your data safe
By seeking the correct advice on data management and the use of secure passwords, companies can make sure to avoid any data breaches that could be detrimental, or even fatal, in the future.

How your company manages and stores its information is crucial with issues such as security passing more focus these days. If you are a Director in charge of hiring IT companies to keep your information safe, then it is important not only for you but also for those who work under you to use secure passwords when accessing online accounts. Using secure passwords means that there will be less instances of phishing attacks occurring and thus fewer chances of confidential information being accessed by criminals or hackers which could ultimately threaten the well-being of the company and its clients/customers down the line.

IT Support companies are on hand to give you the correct advice and put measures in place to ensure that your IT systems are as secure as possible.

As well as making sure your passwords are strong and using password managers such as LastPass, you should also be making sure you are using professional Anti-Virus software and Malware scanners within your business. This will help to ensure that you are protected from a vast array of viruses and other malicious programs that could get past your firewall.

How you store information is also key when it comes to data security. It is important not only for you but also those who work under you to backup and store sensitive information on regular basis, as well as making sure that all files are encrypted so that if they should be lost or stolen then they cannot be accessed by criminals.

This lessens the chances of any valuable information being leaked to third-party companies, hackers or even competitors who may try and use such confidential information against your business in the future. IT support companies can advise you on how best to protect your company’s data from potential threats wherever possible.